"I never knew that learning about my faith was this much fun." 


Going Deeper

Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m.  

Come to reflect on the readings for the coming Sunday in a small group and learn more together.  Each week is a stand alone conversation, so you can come anytime. 




  • Typically, for baptism of infants, there are three baptismal preparation classes to attend for parents and sponsors (God-parents).
  • Sponsors for baptism need to be baptized themselves and families need to be participating in the life of St. Hilary's. 
  • For adults, baptismal preparation is taken seriously and is tailor made for each person's needs. If you are interested in Baptism, please speak to one of the clergy on Sunday.


Children and Youth 

  • From September to June during the 10:30 service of worship there is a program provided for younger children and a youth group.
  • The next Children's and Youth service is scheduled for Sunday June 16th.
  • Sunday School and Youth "graduation" is typically held at the end of June followed by a BBQ in the garden.



If you are interested in confirming the vows that were taken on your behalf when you were baptised as an infant, then we offer classes to prepare you to publically confirm your faith in the new year.  Typically a service of Confirmation is held in the spring after Easter with the Bishop.  Let us know if you are interested to participate.