Youth Corner 

Last week on March 22nd, 2020 we began The Last Supper unit, and the first lesson entitled “One Bread”. It allows for an intentional opportunity to reflect on what the Eucharist involves and all the meaning attached to it. Each Sunday the bread symbolizes that Jesus gave us his body and the wine symbolizes that his blood was shed for the new covenant, so that in dying our sins would be forgiven.

Communion “is like sharing a special dinner with each other, with Jesus, and all other Christians”.

The Last Supper is when he made this clear for us, so that we will forever be reminded of how strongly we are loved.

This week on March 29th, 2020 we continue with The Last Supper unit, with the second lesson entitled “One Body”. Going forward, let us remember what Lent is for, and the significance that Easter holds amongst the Christian calendar. This time is especially for focusing on God, and reflecting on how God wants us to live. At Easter Jesus dies for us, and then is raised to life again. At The Last Supper, which Jesus shared with his disciples, he created something special with some of the food they shared. He blessed the bread and gave thanks for the wine, and declared that they represented his body and his blood. “Communion is a sacrament which means that is a sign for the amazing work that God is doing”, and communion can be understood in many ways. “Jesus told us that the bread was his body. When we eat the bread, it is Jesus who becomes part of us”. It is “another part of the amazing work that God does – giving us what we need to become more like Jesus so that, after church, we can go live the way Jesus taught us to live”. Which is to live: “with love, in peace, serving others”, and more.

May we, despite darker times, still count all the ways in which we are blessed. We must always remember that we are so loved by God, and in this relationship we never walk alone, so let our faith allow us to hold firm even in our most difficult moments.