Welcome Back to St. Hilary’s

Guidelines to Attending Church During the Covid -19 Crises

Welcome Back!  We are delighted to be able to open our doors, welcome you all back and be able to worship together.  In order to try to ensure we all remain safe some changes have been made.  “We want to be responsible, careful and reverent in how we return to in-person corporate worship, and be mindful of health risks that are still present to us and to our communities.” (Bishop Asbil, 2020).    These changes won’t limit our worshipping together but together, we will have to follow them.  For instance: 

Upon Arrival

Please enter the church from the upper door to the main church.

There will be 3 stages to entry:

-come in and use the hand sanitizer, make sure you have a mask, and have your temperature taken

-sign the contact log

-be seated.  Parts of the church will be roped off to ensure we keep 6 feet between groups

During the Service

The Peace will be passed by smiling, nodding and saying “Peace be with you.”  We will not be walking around or shaking hands. 

The Offertory will not be passed.  Offertory Plates will be available at the back of the church for your gift. 

Communion: Please wait until the Sides Person let’s you know it is time to go forward.  Approach the Communion Rail and stop 6 feet away – there will be a floor marker.  The priest will say; ‘The Body of Christ,’ you reply ‘Amen’ then come forward to receive the bread.  We will not be consuming wine.  Receive the bread then move to either the left or right to the hand sanitizing station, remove your mask, consume the bread(wafer), put your mask back on, sanitize your hands and return to your seat. 

We will have a singer joining us for our services but there will not be a choir, nor will the congregation be allowed to sing. 

Departure:  Please wait until the Sides Persons indicate that your row may leave, and leave through the front doors of the church. 

We are working hard to ensure we are all safe and able to come together to worship. 

There will only be one service at 10:30 am on Sundays.

The Church will be cleaned and sanitized after each service and each evening during the week. 

We are working our way back and we can do this together.   If you feel you are not yet ready to be with us at church, please worship with us online through live streaming or on our you tube channel. 

“Enter His gates with thanksgiving, go into His courts with praise..”

(Psalm 100:4)